Laboratory Services


DFT’s full service analytical laboratory located in Kingfisher, OK has a wide range of testing capabilities backed by an industry leading turn around time. DFT also offers advanced analytics to monitor chemical performance, ppm targets, failure prediction, and many other complimentary services.


    • Technical Director and Formulating Chemist with 40+ years of experience in the mid-continental region and other basins
    • Laboratory Director with 15+ years of experience in the mid-continental region and other basins
    • Data Engineer to provide complete chemical optimization service to support DFT’s production chemical partnerships
    • Laboratory Technicians and Chemical Manufacturing Technicians
  • Data Engineer with 10+ years experience working for a major operator in the mid-continental region
  • Advanced analytics software for monitoring, optimization, prediction
  • Fully customizable reporting capabilities based on the needs of the customer
  • Continuous monitoring of actual chemical usage versus recommended based on ppm targets
Laboratory Service
Water Analysis
Scale Modeling
Corrosion Modeling
Water Mixing Modeling
Conductivity/Resistivity Testing
Residual Monitering
Bacteria Testing
Oil Grind-Out
API Gravity
Pour Point
Cloud Point
Emulsion Breaker Testing
Pour Point Depressant Testing
Foamer Performance Testing
De-Foamer Performance Testing
Acid Break Testing
Solid Digestion Analysis
Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis (FTIR)
Metal Failure Analysis
Flash Point Testing (Closed Cup)
Freeze Point Testing (>-40 Deg F)
Laboratory Service
Corrosion Coupon Analysis
X-Ray Diffraction (Solids Analysis)
X-Ray Flourescence (Solids Analysis)
Cold Finger Testing
Corrosion Wheel Testing
Dynamic Scale Loop Modeling
Mass Spectrometry
Gas Chromatragraphy
Hydrocarbon Solids Content
Certified Water Analysis
Thermogravimetric Analysis